Alchemy is game-changing for blockchain. What a great privilege to have been in charge of their manifesto film.
We approached the project with one idea in mind: what if we told the future of internet in the same way internet was told to us back in the days.
We wrote, designed, tested and re-tested in a completely open and caring collaboration.
Every project is unique but this one is a little bit more so! Let’s be builders.
Also, we are proud to announce that we won the prize of the video of the day from Motion Design Award with this project !
Thanks jury! Thank you @motiondesignawards


Client : Alchemy
Awesome clients : Elan Halpern et Ramiro Cardozo

Producer: WAG – Gabriel De Azevedao
Creative Director : Hugo Depraiter
Art Direction : Alexandre Ollier
Motion Design : Alexandre Ollier, Hugo Depraiter, Kimathi Flavien, Nicolas André
Music : Axel Guenoun