Fisher Price. Jouets Soporifiques

What if the Fisher-Price toy ads that make you want to sleep also made you want to sleep? 3:00 a.m.: baby wakes up. Parents too. For all the moms and dads who struggle to get their babies to sleep (and to fall asleep, too), Fisher-Price is launching a new campaign as relaxing as its toys. With a mesmerizing voice and pleasing sound editing inspired by the best ASMR videos, parents will find calm and serenity while watching these hypnotic ads with relaxing colors. Fisher-Price’s soporific commercials are available in 20″ and audio formats, on Youtube and Spotify at night, during the most vulnerable hours for sleep-deprived parents.


Agency : Artefact
Client : Fisher Price

Creative director : Hugo Depraiter
Production : WAG – Gabriel De Azevedao
Set Design : Meghane
Director : Hugo Depraiter
Chief Operator : Jean-Thomas Miquelot
Editing : Valentin
Motion Design : Pierre
Color Grading : Hugo Rosselo